Unity 2019.3 Update

As we are deep in development with Star Shredders, our tools update so we wanted to share a new update that is driving our game into better heights.

The last release Unity concentrates on TECH cycles, a series of updates and sessions to help push new functionality to each side of Unity from Art, Graphics, Code and more.

The Unity Editor has a new look which makes it more accessible with options for quick finds.
New versions of our DOTS packages for better packaging and compiling of stacks.

Improved graphics with updates to the High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP). Real-time Ray Tracing is now available in Preview.
Check out the full release notes and updates here!

Overall, the changes are a huge improvement of the already great engine and it just feels more accessible and intuitive to use whilst developing!
Hope it helps your projects

-Team Sharkbowl

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