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Whilst developing our worlds shown in STAR SHREDDERS, we always are inspired by our old games and films and the captivating settings that were visualised. The idea of a futuristic world is a fond one as we hope that in the future, the wrongs of our current society are obsolete and all is prosperous. With that technology becomes the anchor of society, helping all with advancements whilst making sure every bit of space is used. This creates densely packed mega-cities, where the population could be in the 100s of millions!

Whilst developing Roytera, our first world we see in STAR SHREDDERS and the home planet for Clash, we drew influences from our favourite media that had futuristic cityscapes that were tremendous in size as well as scale. 


When developing the Roytera we knew the planet would be heavily populated with most living in mega cities of the future. Roytera is the epicentre of the council of the USSC, which governs over the planet and system. Since the end of the first war and their inception, Roytera has been in prosperity as the council have provided safe and technological progressive habitats for citizens to flourish. 

This would showcase with the sheer size of the city and the amount of buildings cascading across the skyline. In our future alongside many others that are visualised, we see that convenience and function is key so future cities would be compact using duplicated features and reducing the space horizontally for scale vertically. The density would be so high due to the amount of inhabitants, all migrating from various planets to come for a chance at a better life. As the world grows on top of each other, layers or levels become sectors, some big enough to be cities in their own rights. Levels for maintenance, living or even dark places where illicit materials are found. 

Star Wars showcases a prominent city throughout its media that is also a epicentre for the both light and dark forces. 

Coruscant, also known as Imperial Center during the reign of the Galactic Empire, was an ecumenopolis—a city-covered planet, collectively known as Galactic City— in the Coruscant system of the Core Worlds. 

Like Roytera, the whole of Coruscant’s surface is sprawled with city blocks; the whole surface is collectively called Galactic City. Like Roytera, The dense city blocks were built on top of each other, with lowest being Level 1 and the highest reaching going to an extraordinary Level 5127. 

At its highest level, Galactic City’s skyscrapers were built with many reaching 6km into the sky with colossal edifices hawking over the skyline. Roytera also has monumental buildings each holding functions where it be libraries of culture, the USSC council or the Divine Monuments, ancient asteroid impacts that have frozen in time. The land surrounding these artefacts is ionized so the city blocks malfunction due to the radiating waves of the giant rocks. This leaves a dynamic landscape of replicated metal surrounding these archaic monoliths.

Coruscant was a dynamic, rapidly moving planet-wide city also with an underworld, ready to strike at the city’s inhabitants. Due to the cities being so huge both Roytera and Coruscant are subject to thievery as they hold the societies secrets in weaponry, plans and more that could jeopardize all that inhabit. 


The 1988 anime film AKIRA profoundly features a dystopian and futuristic reimagining of Tokyo called Neo-Tokyo. The film is set in the year 2019 and whilst it’s quite indistinguishable from actual Tokyo from these amazing comparisons, the biggest difference is in 1988, a singularity destroyed Tokyo, leaving destruction in its path.

Roytera emulates that same destruction and mechanical growth with the city growing around the giant rock formations left after a mysterious time. That same respect for the old is prominent in AKIRA as the remains lay dormant as a consistent reminder of the singularity and the “protection” of the government should be all forgiving and all knowing.  

Like the destruction faced on Roytera after the First War, Neo-Tokyo was built as an artificial island in Tokyo bay at the end of the Third World War. The new city boomed as an industrial city surrounded by the ruins of the collapsed one.

The city featured many high rise buildings and skyscrapers. Again being an influence of Roytera, Neo-Tokyo had miles of sprawling skyline with buildings over 1 kilometre tall. The sheer density of the city starts to appear like a pattern of technological prowess from a bird’s eye.

Like Coruscant, the city is plagued by corruption, anti-government protests, terrorism, and gang violence. We envision as cities become megacities, the good, bad and ugly just magnify and alleys become streets then areas of chaos, crime and corruption. Even at high places of society, secrets are held with Neo-Tokyo being no exception with the corruption led by Japan Self-Defense Forces to host the secret government project, unleashing Tetsuo’s devastating powers. Roytera is the golden child of the USSC and the planetary system so whilst to keep peace like Japan, mistakes can be made with catastrophic fortunes.

-Team Sharkbowl

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