Roytera needs imminent help Clash… We need you!

Traverse the world of Roytera as Clash, a pilot for the Valkyrie Force, tasked to protect the skies of Roytera and its inhabitants.

Devastation has stricken the world through intergalactic war and its scars are everywhere from destroyed cities to burnt forests. The Iron Faction, led by General Greet, are sending waves of ships and drones to seek and deploy destruction at every step.

This attack is sinister and the motive must be found before it’s too late…

Adapt & Attack!

Star Shredders is an explosive top down shooter with homages to classic games where fast reflexes are needed! Not just your average “Bullet Hell”, you need to think strategically evade, fire and push forward to mission completion!

  • Explore vast worlds, each with main objectives alongside secret missions waiting to be found!
  • Load up your arsenal with over 20 different weapons, each with unique abilities to destroy your enemy! 
  • Carefully designed enemies and patterns that ramp up throughout. Shooting may not be the answer for some so be wary of your foes!
  • No procedural generated levels – We have carefully designed and developed each level to get harder as your progress, each full of scenarios which the player can choose to embark on!
  • After completing the story, try to capture greatness on our World Leader-boards or get 100% through achievements  

Relive the Retro

Star Shredders has been designed visually as a homage to the PS2 era where blur effects, cell shading and box models ruled!

With a Cyberpunk aesthetic to match, Star Shredders channels a hand drawn anime style against a vibrant dystonia 3D backdrop inspired by 90s comic books/animes/movies and games!

Each element has been designed and developed to bring the game alive through each playthrough. Each level is handcrafted rather than procedural.  

From the models used, textures, animations, camera angles and more; Star Shredders is built to keep you engaged with surprises at every turn!

With intense particle effects and explosions, the game is packed with VFX (Post-Processing Effects/Motion Blur/Glow/etc) as well as accompanying SFX to keep you immersed through every fight!

Using the power of Unity Game Engine, Star Shredders outputs at high definition so it may have the classic PS2 aesthetic but is still vivid for the modern gamer!

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