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In all things sci-fi, spaceships will become a pivotal point of each story show as our main protagonists need something to get from galaxy to galaxy with! However, these ships become more than just futuristic vehicles, they become partners in an intergalactic space war or even home to a new aged society. Today we will look at our favourite spacecrafts, mecha and ships featured in iconic movies, games and animes that truly have inspired the world of STAR SHREDDERS. 

Each ship shown really became characters in their own right, each bursting with personality and flair. We kept this notion in mind whilst developing our own ships, translating our casts’ traits to their personal liking of their ships. 

Now we thought this would be a difficult feat as STAR SHREDDERS uses the top down view so detailing may be an issue but through research we were surprised how nostalgic and vivid some may be, from the 16 bit screen straight to the movie screen.


The ultimate ship for the heroes! 

The X-Wing made its theatrical debut, as the T-65B model, in the movie Star Wars (1977) as the spacecraft piloted by Luke Skywalker and the Red Squadron, the attack team that destroyed the Death Star. The starfighter featured extensively in the Star Wars original trilogy and other mediums in the Expanded Universe.

The X-wing starfighter is the name applied to a family of fictional spacecraft manufactured by the Incom Corporation from the Star Wars franchise. Named for the distinctive shape made when its s-foils (wings) are in attack position, the X-wing was a class of starfighter used by the Rebel Alliance in their conflict with the Galactic Empire.

For us the X-Wing was the greatest hero ship that wasn’t the strongest or the most powerful against the legions of the empire but it represented hope and triumph, particularly with Lukes adventure with his own X-wing. 

Clashes ship was inspired by these feats alongside the agile look of the X-Wing with beautifully crafted wings for swift manoeuvres.

Metal Gear RAY

Metal Gear RAY was a mecha or a manned prototype robot that was introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty. The design of this iconic ship was designed by Yoji Shinkawa, who introduced the amphibious model that was designed to hunt down Metal Gear REX, the nuke packed t-rex styled machines. 

This Metal Gear model had a wingspan and bird-like head that emulated an anamorphic style that gave the machine a more beast-like form. RAY was designed to be even more maneuverable and flexible in deployment than other models and operated both on land and in water. 

RAY was a beautiful example of how robots can change from the more traditional styles to a new breed of organic shapes that can emulate gigantic beasts for a more primal effect. 
Metal Gear RAY also made a grand appearance in the Shadow Moses Island stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


“Well, go ahead and show me what you can do with that Arwing!”

The Arwing is the principal craft of the Star Fox team, and has appeared in all Star Fox games to date.

The Arwing has had considerable changes, though all versions of it retain a basic shape: a central fuselage or main body, two streamlined pods, known as Gravity Diffusers, or G Diffusers, and wings mounted on the side pods. The Arwing would accelerate or decelerate instantaneously and perform a wide variety of high performance combat maneuvers, which in game looked frantic and explosive! 

The two side pods are a distinctive blue color, which adds so much character and persona to the Arwing as Foxs craft of action. This definlity was an influence to bring a character flair and personality through their ships. 

That distinctive color and iconic wings was a major influence for us at Star Fox 64 had us screaming at the screen to maneuver the arwing in time. The pairing of the Arwing and Fox felt perfect and each complimented. Having that same connection between our characters and their ships is important for us to showcase through each of the game’s levels and story.

The Arwing makes an appearance in all Super Smash Bros. games, as in-game platforms and hazards, trophies and stickers.

Vic Viper

Vic Viper is the name of the protagonist spaceship in the Gradius series of shoot ’em up games by Konami. The spacecraft has been at the player’s control in almost ten different titles. The ship is renowned for its remarkable adaptability, as well as its unique twin-pronged fuselage.

Its imagery within the game to the classic game covers screamed space adventure. However, once you play Gradius and the amazing mechanics that were introduced like power-ups, orb pickups and changeable weaponry, Vic Viper truly was one of the first iconic ships in games, bringing in more other great counterparts.

Alongside being the main star of Gradius, Vic Viper has also made appearances in some other well known Konami brands.

In the Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game, there is a monster card called Gradius that features the Vic Viper’s image. In the Japanese game, this card is titled Vic Viper. It is described as “A high performance jet fighter with power capsules for variable attack capabilities.

In Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, the former main character of the first game, Leo Stenbuck pilots a mech called Vic Viper, or V2 for short. According to the official website for the game as well as its art book, the decision to put the Vic Viper in such an advanced cameo came from character designer Yoji Shinkawa’s love for the old Gradius games.

SSV Normandy

SSV Normandy SR-1 is a fictional spacecraft in the Mass Effect video game franchise. She first appears in Mass Effect as the SSV Normandy SR-1, the brainchild project between the Human Systems Alliance and the Turian Hierarchy, and is described as the most advanced military starship in the galaxy..

The Normandy was praised by critics for her visual design, level design, and her appearance in the original Mass Effect trilogy, where she plays a pivotal role in the story, particularly in the war against the Reapers and their servants.

The idea of the Normandy as a mobile hub which transported the party from planet to planet was inspired by the Ebon Hawk starship in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Normandy’s final design references wings of fighters and the Concorde, which gave an aggressive, futuristic look.

The Normandy was a great example of having a ship that became home to many within. So many ships just feature the cockpit as the primary location but the Normandy was a true space station with a society living amongst the stars.

Fortress of Doom

Not really a ship but a space station, The Fortress of Doom is the personal headquarters of the Doom Slayer in 2016s Doom and 2018’s Doom Eternal. 

The space station consisted of three levels. The upper level of the Fortress consists of the bridge at the front of the station, with computer consoles and a main viewscreen.This is where you would find a portal to the levels of the game with the lower floor featuring a demon prison as a training area, dubbed the “Ripatorium.” The ship is full of easter eggs, mostly references to games by id Software or Bethesda, or items related to the Doom series. Bethesda describes these kinds of ‘secrets’ as an example of how great games “transcend universes.

It was designed by the people of Argent D’Nur but built around a core of Maykr technology, so it’s a mix of futuristic technology with gothic stars, walkways and huge window panes.

We hope you enjoyed this little list and for any developers out there don’t shy away from what’s been created as these same ships have stuck to our minds becoming a staple of each franchise. From distinctive designs, controls and size; each carries the major spark that connects our mind to each sci-fi setting.

-Team Sharkbowl

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