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Discord Server

Hi Everyone

Today, we present our official STAR SHREDDERS Discord Server,  where we will post the latest information on the game, ask for feedback and start having discussions with all you lovely people!

We have an Announcement channel where we will showcase any big updates with the development of STAR SHREDDERS, blog posts and general news on the game.

There is a Discussion channel for chats about the game and anything else. 

We have a Community channel where we would love to see any fan-art you guys create. We also want to highlight any streamers playing STAR SHREDDERS so post links or GIFS. 

For any Support, we have help and bug support channels so you can talk directly to us and we can try to provide fixes to your issues. 

To chat, we have Voice channels for general discussions and an opportunity for players to join our Developer Sessions to engage with us to further the conversation on the Games industry and the culture.

We also have a Feedback channel where we encourage any recommendations or critics towards the game mechanics, story, music and any other ideas you may have. We want to ensure STAR SHREDDERS joins the ranks of other great shump titles that have been released so we would love to hear your thoughts to get us there! 

Join us now on the discord server below or using this link.

-Team Sharkbowl Games

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